Our studio offers...

  • All styles of yoga.....
  • Dance Trance - easy to follow....
  • Pilates, Barre & RockFit for core, cardio & strengthening fun fitness
  • Workshops and Trainings to deepen your practice and help you "Level Up"
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Membership Options

Why become a member? Practice yoga and work out regularly - sleep better, feel better and enjoy life more. For as little as $3/day, treat yourself to unlimited classes, discounts on workshops good times and great people at our studio.
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Class Schedule

  • Monday Classes

    9:15 - Yoga du Jour
    4:45 - Blended Yoga
    6:00 - Pilates Blend
    7:15 - Dance Trance

  • Tuesday Classes

    9:15 - Yoga du Jour
    11:30 - Family Yoga
    4:45 - Blended Yoga
    6:00 - Vinyasa Flow
    7:15 - Dance Trance

  • Wednesday Classes

    9:15 - Yoga du Jour
    12:15 - Pilates Blend
    5:15 - Restorative Yoga
    6:30 - Pilates Blend

  • Thursday Classes

    9:15 - Yoga du Jour
    4:45 - Blended Yoga
    6:00 - Vinyasa Flow
    7:15 - Pound Fit

  • Friday Classes

    9:15 - Yin Yoga
    5:15 - Gentle Swing Yoga

  • Weekend Classes

    8:30 - Power Yoga
    9:45 - Blended Yoga
    11:00 - Dance Trance
    2:30 - Swing Yoga
    4:00 - Yin Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training

Harmony Health Virginia Beach yoga teacher training is not just for people who want to teach yoga, it is for anyone who wants to strengthen their practice, grow in awareness of their own body, mind and spirit, create a long lasting community with like minded individuals.
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We are more than just yoga!

At Harmony Health Virginia Beach we believe that everyone should feel good about how you look, feel and live life. We all have our own goals, standards and expectations to work towards. Harmony Health encourages you to realize your potential and live your best life

We offer a full seven day schedule of yoga, dance and pilates classes offered by our team of knowledgeable and caring instructors to provide you with a great experience every time you come in to our studio for a class, private session, workshop or a cup of tea!

We offer workshops and events regularly. They include topics such as meditation, nutrition, essential oils, chakras, yoga wheels, dance and more. Our in house team and local network of experts provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.